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Sheet Sales & Cut to Size Service

Catering to trade and industry; retail and home handymen we are offer you professional advice regarding your requirements.   

We can supply all types of plastic sheets from acrylic or polycarbonate through to a wide range of industrial plastics including UHMW PE1000.

Don’t need a full sheet or need panels cut, then our cut-to-size service gives you the option to have panels cut to your required dimensions or shapes.   We offer a variety of edge finishes depending on your end purpose – saw cut edges only; planed smooth or polished (acrylic only).    

We are proud of our fast turn-around for cut-to-size panels.  If we have the material in stock, we can usually cut while you wait or within 24 hours for smaller jobs and 48 to 72 hours for larger jobs/shapes.  ***Please note that sometimes materials need to come from inter-state so there may be a longer delay.

Acrylic and polycarbonate  -pool fence compliance panels; caravan, horse float or marine window panels; carport, gate or fence privacy infill panels; balustrade panels; headlight protector panels; illuminated and non-illuminated sign faces; boat windscreen panels; drag/race car window panels; safety glazing panels; etc

ABS - A material which can be vacuum-formed or thermo formed.   Available in Haircel/Leathergrain finish.  

ACM (Aluminium Composite Panel) - used for lining trailers, floats or rooms; within the sign industry for sign panels and portals and in the construction industry for cladding fascia on buildings etc.   Fire-retardant sheets available.  

Celuka - used mainly in sign industry for sign panels; individual cut letters and 3D fab letter backs.   

Corflute - used for sign panels; packaging and as lining in animal cages such as guinea pigs etc.  Sold in full sheets only - can be easily cut using a Stanley knife. 

Foam PVC - mostly used with sign industry.  Available in white, black and limited colours (colours in 3mm only).

HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene) - This material can be vacuum-formed or thermo formed easily.  

PETG -  Can be thermo formed or vacuum formed. A food grade material available in clear only.

Prismatic - used for lighting panels or skylight panels.

Polyethylene -  Industrial material which is chemical resistant.  Used when fabricating custom tanks and liners; for bait and cutting boards; spacers or wear plates can be machined; etc.                                           We usually hold stock of HDPE PE100 (High Density Polyethylene) with smooth surface; PE Cutting board with textured finish; Boat Board which is bright white and has a stippled finish; UHMW PE in various grades (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene).

Standard BSP PE fittings and pipe can be used with this material.    

Polypropylene – Chemical resistant industrial material used when fabricating custom tanks and liners; fume extraction systems and ducting etc.  

Rigid PVC – Chemical resistant industrial material used for laboratory sinks, benches and splashbacks; Fume extraction systems and ducting etc.


Opal acrylic colour chips

Prismatic samples of K12 and K15 patterns

Light and dark grey tint acrylic 

Fluorescent Tint Acrylic colour chips

Side photo - Dark grey tint acrylic panel for screen door with cut out and holes drilled ready for client to install. 


ACM - Aluminium Composite Material is available in a variety of colours.

3mm and 4mm thick

Fire retardant sheet available

Polyethylene sheet - available in black and natural 

Industrial Rod and Sheet 

Acetal/Delrin - black or natural rod only 

Polyethylene - black or natural rod and sheet 

Polypropylene - grey/green rod and sheet 

PVC - grey rod and grey, clear and white sheet 



Polypropylene - sheet and pipe 

Side photo - Internal of trailer/van lined with ACM - supplied and installed by Wide Bay Plastics 

Below -  ACM panels fitted to external of RV,  Reception Screen, Boat console screen and excavator screens made and installed by Wide Bay Plastics 

Cut and fit ACM panels to RV 

Remove windows, cut ACM panels and fit to side of RV, re-fit windows and seal 

Acrylic screen - 10mm clear acrylic panel supplied and installed by us

Acrylic panels for Boat console

Cut to shape and fitted 

Marine Green Tint Acrylic 

Excavator Screens 

Cut and heat bend polycarbonate profiles to fit screen, side and back.

Panels installed by Wide Bay Plastics