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Acrylic Fabrication

We are specialists in custom acrylic and polycarbonate fabrication – Contact us to discuss your next project

Acrylic is commonly known as Perspex® or Plexiglas®.    Polycarbonate is commonly known as Lexan®, Palsun® or Makrolon®. 

Over the years there isn’t much that we haven’t fabricated using either acrylic or polycarbonate.  Really it’s up to our client’s imagination.

We manufacture to customer’s specifications but can also assist with design, recommend suitable materials and manufacturing techniques and are extremely proud of how we take rigid sheets of plastic then cut, drill, heat bend, glue, machine and polish it to achieve various end products.

Some examples of Acrylic Fabrication work that we’ve manufactured:

  • Sneeze-guards and Custom Protection Screens (installation available)
  • Food Display Cases/Covers, Lolly bins, Cereal/Bread Bins
  • Display cases and Plinths
  • Entry boxes and barrels
  • Lecterns
  • Custom sized brochure holders, menu stands, poster holders
  • Point of Sale - Retail, Event or Exhibition display
  • Commercial Fish Tanks
  • Custom balustrade panels and pool fence compliance panels
  • Signage including 3D fabricated letters and logos (non-illuminated or illuminated), hamper boxes,
  • Machine guards and safety covers
  • PPMA Sight glasses for fuel industry
  • Lighting covers/fittings
  • Architectural models
  • Custom trophies
  • Commercial Light fittings and Fluoro light covers 

Replacement windscreen cut and fitted to buggy

Acrylic case made to suit client's framework - this will be a mouse house.

Protective paper coating left on case for transporting. 

Custom made acrylic cover with base to suit carved Boab seed

Acrylic screen to suit dispensing counter

Side top -  display cases for bleached coral samples


Polycarbonate Windscreen panel to suit side-by-side buggy 

Acrylic case made to fit client's framework - for a mouse house 

Display case and 40mm base for engraved Boab seed

Free-standing Counter screen 

Side photo -Testing cap for electrical trade - machined from acrylic 


Screen supplied and installed at reception counter 

Custom Display case with base for model ship

Supply and fit polycarbonate screens to excavator 

Supply and install panels to office dividers

Acrylic screen - 10mm clear acrylic panel supplied and installed by us

Acrylic display case and base  

to suit scale model of Cook's Endeavour 

Excavator Screens 

Cut and heat bend polycarbonate profiles to fit screen, side and back.

Panels installed by Wide Bay Plastics 

Acrylic panels fitted to existing office divisions.   Supply tint acrylic panels with matt finish and installed within office. 

Side photo - custom protection screens for  "horse-shoe" shaped reception counter 


Before and after shots of balustrade panels -Acrylic panels drape moulded to required shape,   We removed the old panels and installed the new ones.

Panels on viewing deck 

Balcony panel before we replaced it 

Balcony panel - new panel moulded to shape and installed to unit balcony

8mm clear acrylic panels supplied and installed by Wide Bay Plastics 

Installed to existing aluminium shutters on unit balcony for wind and rain protection. 

Acrylic Screens and Sneeze Guards

Custom made and standard sizes 

Free-standing or fitted/fixed 

Installation can be arranged if necessary 

Freestanding acrylic protection screen 

Acrylic Screen to suit cash register

Acrylic Protection Screen - custom made to suit retail store counter

Custom acrylic screen to suit angled counter. Supplied and installed by Wide Bay Plastics