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Materials/Products Available

Plastic Sheet Suppliers serving the needs of industry, tradesmen and D-I-Y in Bundaberg and surrounding Wide Bay areas.

Acrylic and Polycarbonate Can be fabricated and be used as replacement panels for caravan, boat or horsefloat windows and hatches; sign panels or sign faces; pool compliance panels; skylight panels; safety glazing; balustrade panels; cubby windows, race/drag car windows etc.

Prismatic - used mainly in lighting and skylights.

Egg-crate - used for lighting panels and in aquariums.

Polyethylene - an industrial plastic resistant to various chemicals.

Polypropylene - an industrial plastic resistant to various chemicals.

Rigid PVC - an industrial plastic resistant to various chemicals.

ACM (Aluminium Composite Panel) - used in sign, manufacturing and construction industries

Corflute - can be used for packaging; sign panels; guinea pig cage liners etc

Foam PVC and Celuka - used mostly in the sign industry

Thermoformable materials - ABS; HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene); PETG

Rod and Tube - acrylic rod and tube, polycarbonate tube, various industrial rods and pipe 

Miscellaneous Components - Acrylic hinges; acrylic hasps & staples; acrylic reinforcing triangle; suction cups; acrylic slatwall extrusion; suitable glues and solvents for acrylic; Cam Locks; etc

Acrylic colour chips

Available in 3mm only - sheet size 2440 x 1220mm 

Fluorescent Tint Acrylic colour chips

Light and dark grey tint acrylic 

Opal acrylic colour chips

Industrial Rod and Sheet 

Acetal/Delrin - black or natural rod only 

Polyethylene - black or natural rod and sheet 

Polypropylene - grey/green rod and sheet 

PVC - grey rod and grey, clear and white sheet 



Polyethylene two tone sheet

ACM - Aluminium Composite Material is available in a variety of colours.

3mm and 4mm thick

Fire retardant sheet available


Sheets available in 3mm and 5mm white or 2mm black packaging grade 


Acrifix 192 - Acrylic glue

Weldon 3 acrylic solvent

Small Acrylic Hinges  - 48mm long 

Acrylic Hasp and Staple