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Gallery of Work Completed

We fabricate items in acrylic, polycarbonate, polyethylene, polypropylene, rigid PVC, ABS and much more.  Manufacturing such items as acrylic protection screens and sneeze-guards; acrylic display cases and cabinets; custom sized tanks to suit black grey and drinking water for RV's caravans boats trucks etc; diesel fuel tanks for boats; custom storage bins for vehicles; chemical tanks and replacement liners to existing metal chemical tanks; acrylic poster pockets and so much more.     

Wide Bay Plastics also offers a plastic repair service (dependant on the material and item to be repaired) - can be done in our factory or on-site when needed. 

Vacuum-forming and thermo-forming service offered 

All types of plastic sheets held (or can usually be sourced quickly) - full sheets or cut to size service available.

Various solid rod and tube available 



PVC tank - 4 individual compartments with removable lids and hinged lid to cover entire tank

Custom sized 4 Polyethylene tanks for drinking and grey water in converted bus.  We also fabricated the metal bands to fit the tanks to under-side of bus. 

Custom panels made using rigid PVC 

Custom luggage carrier to suit vehicle - Designed by us and made using recycled polyethylene product 

Polypropylene tank liner installed on-site to existing steel dipping tank within powder-coating plant 

Large HDPE tank custom made to client's dimensions.

All our tanks are electronically and aqua tested before we release them 

Conjoined tanks to suit charity shower van - one tank for clean water and other for grey water.

We electronically and aqua-test all our tanks before they are released. 

Poly tank with fittings

- custom made to meet clients requirements

- Use in food industry as a chilling tank 

Clear acrylic display cover with 40mm clear acrylic base. 
Custom made for our client to display a carved Boab seed 

Custom made acrylic cover with base to suit carved Boab seed

Beer Can Display Case with dividers 

Fabricated in clear acrylic 

Installed into a wall - 2 sided viewing 

Acrylic display case and base  

to suit scale model of Cook's Endeavour 

Balcony panel - new panel moulded to shape and installed to unit balcony

Acrylic Protection Screen - custom made to suit retail store counter

Acrylic screen - 10mm clear acrylic panel supplied and installed by us

Custom acrylic screen to suit angled counter. Supplied and installed by Wide Bay Plastics 

Replacement windscreen cut and fitted to buggy

Excavator Screens 

Cut and heat bend polycarbonate profiles to fit screen, side and back.

Panels installed by Wide Bay Plastics 

Acrylic panels for Boat console

Cut to shape and fitted 

Marine Green Tint Acrylic 

AR2 polycarbonate supplied to client who used it to replace windows in his race car.  AR2 has an abrasive resistant coating both sides to protect against scratching. 

PVC Cover for Humminbird Fish Finder 

Framework made by our client 

We moulded shape and installed to framework

Fish Finder cover 

Moulded PVC panel to suit client's framework

Fitted by Wide Bay Plastics to frame

Internal of trailer/van lined with ACM sheets.

Replacement face for 3D letter - cut in opal acrylic 

Acrylic case made to suit client's framework - this will be a mouse house.

Protective paper coating left on case for transporting. 

Natural PE100 tanks

2200mm long x 400mm deep x 1200mm high 

Custom made to suit truck

- rebates in tank body for strapping 

- fittings as required by client 

Polyethylene Tub installed at treatment plant

Freestanding acrylic protection screen 

Polyethylene Spool - made to replace old PVC unit 

Poly tank fabricated to replicate old stainless steel tank for grey water in boat.

Wheel-chair table top - made in polycarbonate.  Custom-made to suit client's needs. 

Fabricated 3D number "7" - stands 2m high x 1.9m wide overall