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Acrylic is commonly called Plexiglas or Perspex.  It is UV stabilised for excellent weather resistance, is much light in weight compared to glass and has a higher impact rating than glass.  However, it can still break and will have sharp edges but will not shatter like glass.   

Clear gloss acrylic is highly transparent with light transmission of 92% optically clear making it perfect for glazing, internal and external sign panels, retail store fixtures and shelving, display cases, fence panels and much more.   Whilst UV stabilised, standard grade acrylic will allow UV to filter through.

When valuable items need to be protected from UV damage without detracting from the item on display, Plexiglas Gallery® should be used.  It can be used to protect valuable artwork, historical papers, paintings and photos from harsh UV  and helps to prevent fading, colour loss and aging.   In addition to almost 100% UV protection, Plexiglas Gallery® is extremely lightweight and is half the weight of the same sized piece of glass with 11 times more break resistance.    Available in two grades with both offering the same great UV protection- Gallery UV100 or Gallery AR (anti-reflective) which has a matt finish on one side to reduce glare.   Thicknesses available are 2mm and 3mm only.

Acrylic is also available in a wide range of colours and tints with some sheets having a matte/satin finish (clear, opal, black, white).    There is a hi-impact grade acrylic available in clear and opal only along with various Speciality Sheets. 

Standard sheet size is 2440 x 1220mm with oversize sheets available in some colours and thicknesses:

  • Clear gloss finish from 2mm through to 50mm thick (thicker available on special indent order)
  • Clear Matte finish is available in 2mm, 3mm and 4.5mm thick
  • Gallery grade in 2mm and 3mm only
  • Opal - translucent from 2mm through to 30mm thick
  • Solid gloss black and solid gloss white available from 2mm through to 20mm thick
  • Matte black and matte white available in 3mm and 4.5mm only
  • Grey tints available from 3mm through to 10mm thick – light grey and dark grey
  • Marine Green tint available in 4.5mm and 6mm only
  • Solid colours – 3mm only in red, light blue, dark blue, green, yellow, orange, grey,
  • Coloured tints – 3mm only in red, blue, amber/orange, green
  • Fluoro tints – 3mm only light blue, pink/orange, green, red
  • Silver, Gold with some coloured Mirror – 3mm only  

We can supply Plexiglas® Specialities Sheets such as SatinIce, Hi-Gloss, Resist (hi impact), Gallery grade, LED Endlighten (for edge lighting), Optic Hard Coat Clear, LED Opals (LED Block, light covers, Day&Night and Black&White Flourescent grade).    We don’t usually hold stock of these speciality sheets but speak to us if you use any of these sheets regularly and we can arrange to hold stock.

Opal acrylic colour chips

Light and dark grey tint acrylic 

Fluorescent Tint Acrylic colour chips

Acrylic colour chips

Available in 3mm only - sheet size 2440 x 1220mm 

Side photo -  clear acrylic panels installed on balcony of unit complex to stop rain 

Below -  Acrylic display case to suit guitar,  Boat Console Screen panels  - fitted by us,  Reception protection screen installed on curved counter;  dark grey tint acrylic panel for screen door with cut out and holes drilled ready for client to install himself. 

Acrylic Display case for guitar - Case is lockable and can be hung on wall.

Acrylic panels for Boat console

Cut to shape and fitted 

Marine Green Tint Acrylic 

Acrylic Screens supplied and installed to Reception Counter at Medical Clinic

Counter is a horse-shoe shape  so 7 screens were fabricated to complete the job. 

Noise/Voice holes included on each panel to decrease noise level inside and allow patients to hear receptionists. 

Cut to size 3mm dark grey tint acrylic panel for screen door with cut out for doggy door.

We can cut and drill panel as per your requirements. 

Side photo - 3D fabricated acrylic letter with vinyl to face

Below - Custom splashback panels,  Grey Tint screen to suit boat console, Display case and base for model ship

Custom Kitchen Splashbacks - acrylic panels back-sprayed grey and matt black behind the stove 

Custom Kitchen Splashback - acrylic panels back-sprayed to client's chosen colour


Boat console screen

Acrylic display case and base  

to suit scale model of Cook's Endeavour 

Side photo -  acrylic protection screen for retail shop counter 

Acrylic display cases with base;   Panels installed in office dividers; Grey tint acrylic panels installed to spa pool fence;  Fabricated 3D letters

Acrylic Display cases with black acrylic bases to suit bleached coral pieces supplied by our client 

Acrylic panels fitted to existing office divisions.   Supply tint acrylic panels with matt finish and installed within office. 

Grey tint acrylic installed to spa pool fence panels for pool fence compliance.

We conducted site measure first then completed installation of acrylic panels to the existing spa pool fence

Fabricated 3D acrylic letters