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Industrial Plastic Fabrication

Highly respected Industrial Plastic Fabricators who can meet the diverse needs of industry locally, Australia wide and internationally.

Need a fabricator that you can rely on no matter the size of your order and regardless of your industry - Wide Bay Plastics can assist.    Contact us for further information regarding materials or fabrication. 

If chemical resistance and flexibility is required plastic is an excellent alternative material compared to aluminium, stainless steel, fibre glass or mild steel.   We fabricate using industrial plastics such as polypropylene, polyethylene and rigid PVC.    Custom built products for the specific needs of many different industries is our speciality.   

We can assist with design and material choice to ensure that our client achieves their required end result.   Wide Bay Plastics have experience in designing and manufacturing industrial plastic products such as dipping tanks and tank liners for powder-coating or chrome plating plants; custom water tanks for drinking black and grey water to suit RV’s, boats, trucks and caravans; diesel fuel tanks for boats; chemical bunding; laboratory items such as chemical resistant benches, sinks and splash-backs; fume extraction systems and ducting; aquaculture tanks; air extraction systems and ducting; machine guards and pump covers; fish sorting tables; seafood transportation bins; acid resistant pipe manifolds; and many more items.       

Wide Bay Plastics offers a repair and/or refurbishment service to suitable existing items which can be done either in our factory or on-site.   We can usually repair existing roto-moulded tanks however some          roto-moulded tanks cannot be repaired.

Providing our services locally, Australia wide and internationally our team has an impeccable reputation as a team that you can rely on and we remain committed to maintaining our reputation with every sale we make.    Fabricated tanks can be freighted to your required location and we offer an on-site installation service for tank liners.

To maintain our reputation we use only quality materials such as Simona brand polyethylene and polypropylene sheet; Simona welding rod; Palsun, Palopaque or Nanya brands of rigid PVC. 


PVC tube packed ready to send via freight

Custom panels made using rigid PVC 

PVC Sink fabricated by us 

PVC tank - 4 individual compartments with removable lids and hinged lid to cover entire tank

Top Side - Poly spigot installed at Water Treatment Plant 

Above Main - PVC fabrication - 3m long cylinder; PVC shroud panels; Sink unit; tank with 4 compartments

Side - HDPE Planter tub insert 


Fertiliser mixer nose cone

Luggage carrier for vehicle 

Small tank with spigot for water treatment plant

Fabricated tanks in natural HDPE PE100


Fertiliser mixer nose cone 


Custom luggage carrier to suit vehicle - Designed by us and made using recycled polyethylene product 

Polyethylene Tub - custom made 

Natural PE100 tanks

2200mm long x 400mm deep x 1200mm high 

Custom made to suit truck

- rebates in tank body for strapping 

- fittings as required by client 

Side - Modification to existing poly pipe at treatment plant 


Repair to existing tank on agricultural sprayer.   We supplied and fit new pipe-work and also repaired crack to underneath of tank. 

Repair to roto-moulded tank 

Repair to Agricultural tank 03

We supplied and fit new pipework to tank

Repair to base of tank done 

Repair to Agricultural tank - 02

Previous unsuccessful repair attempted by another business

We supplied and fitted new pipe work

Split to base of tank repaired 

Repair to Agricultural tank 04

Unsuccessful repairs attempted by another business

We supplied and fit new pipework to the tank

Repair to base completed

Repair to roto-moulded water tank which had split

Custom Spigots and manifolds 

Polyethylene Spool - made to replace old PVC unit 

Modification to existing Polyethylene pipework - onsite work 

- additional piece of PE pipe cut and extrusion welded in 


Poly manifold in situ

Small poly spigot to replace existing PVC pipework at water treatment plant 

Polypropylene fabrication

We can supply polypropylene sheet and pipe.

Photos below:  liner fitted on-site to existing steel chemical dipping tank;  tank liner installation in progress;  bunding installed in container;  tank with support banks for sewerage treatment plant 

Polypropylene tank liner installed on-site to existing steel dipping tank within powder-coating plant 

Tank liner in progress of being installed 

Polypropylene bunding installed in container -

Panels fabricated in our factory and onsite installation completed

Tank made using polypropylene - external support bands.   Loaded on truck ready for delivery

Polyethylene fabrication 

Side photo - Chilling tank for food processing plant;  HDPE pipes;  Poly tank for barge with access hatch and lifting lugs;  HDPE covers for water treatment plant;  dipping tank with removable lid

Polyethylene pipe - available in various diameters and walls

HDPE tank with lifting lugs, socket fittings and access hatch

Polyethylene dipping tank with removable lid 

PVC Fabrication 

Side photo -  4 compartment PVC tub with individual lids 

Below -  Drape moulded machine guard;  PVC sink;  PVC Tube 4m long x 600mm diameter;  PVC shroud panels

Drape moulded machine guard -  to be hinged on the machine

1600mm long x 350mm diameter x 350mm high in clear 4.5mm PVC

PVC Sink fabricated by us 

PVC tube packed ready to send via freight

Custom panels made using rigid PVC 

Fabrication using PE Foam material 

Luggage container custom made to suit client's trailer

Custom made luggage container to suit trailer - made using PE Foam material 

Luggage container custom made to fit client's trailer.