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Plastic Sheet, Rod and Tube Suppliers

All Types of Plastic - Full sheets or cut to size panels.                                                                            


Acrylic (also known as Perspex or Plexiglas) - Standard sheet size 2440 x 1220mm with some oversize sheets available 

Clear available in thicknesses from 1.5mm to 50mm thick;

Opal (translucent) in 2mm to 20mm;

Light or dark grey tints in 3mm to 10mm;

Solid white or black in 2mm to 10mm;

Solid colours and coloured tints in 3mm only.                                                                                                      Specialty acrylics include - Gallery (UV resistant); Matt Finishes; High Gloss; Hi impact 

Polycarbonate - Commonly known brands are Lexan and Makrolon 

Standard sheet size is 2440 x 1220mm with some oversize sheets available 

Has a higher impact rating than acrylic. 

Available in clear, opal, dark grey tint and AR2 (abrasive resistant 2 sides).  

PolyethyleneAn industrial plastic which is chemical resistant. 

Standard PE100 sheet size is 3000 x 1500mm 

Standard UHMW sheet size is 3000 x 1250mm 

We can supply:

PE100 in natural or black;

UHMW PE1000 in natural and black;

PE Cutting Board in natural - 12mm only;

PE Boat Board in bright white -  9.5 and 12.7mm stocked;

Playground in various colours - two tone colours available;

Polypropylene - Grey/Green or Natural      Standard sheet size is 3000 x 1500mm 

Rigid PVC in grey, white or clear      Standard sheet size is 2440 x 1220mm 

Foam PVC and Celuka  - Foam PVC in white, black and limited colours.                                                     Standard sheet size is 2440 x 1220mm.      

Celuka in white from 10mm to 30mm thick 

Foam PVC from 1mm to 6mm thick 

ACM (Aluminium Composite Material)  Standard sheet size 2440 x 1220mm with oversize sheets available 

3mm and 4mm thick available in various colour combinations.  Fire retardant sheets available too.

Corflute - 3mm and 5mm white or 2mm black packaging grade 

Prismatic 2.8mm and 4.4mm prismatic for lighting panels 

ABS; PETG; HIPS - Thermo-formable materials 

Rod and Tube – Acrylic rod and tube; Polycarbonate tube; Clear PVC tube (limited sizes); Industrial/Engineering Rod and Pipe –Delrin/Acetal Rod; polypropylene rod and pipe; PVC Rod; UHMW and HDPE rod; Polyethylene pipe and PE BSP fittings

Display Components - acrylic hinges; acrylic hasps; finger pulls, etc

Glues/Solvents and Adhesives - Acrifix 192, Weldon 3, Weldon 16, Ritetack adhesive, 

Acrylic Fabrication

- using Acrylic and Polycarbonate

Acrylic is commonly known as Perspex® or Plexiglas® while Polycarbonate with the common names/brands of Lexan®; Palsun® or Makrolon® has a higher impact rating. 

Acrylic and polycarbonate can be used to fabricate items such as protection screens/sneeze guards; lecterns; machine guards; food display cases and covers; brochure holders and pockets; menu stands; display cases and bases; entry barrels or boxes; balustrade panels; and lots more.

We also offer on-site inspections/measures and an installation service.  

Industrial Plastic Fabrication

- using Polyethylene (HDPE - PE100); Polypropylene; Rigid PVC

The material used is usually dependent upon the chemicals that the product will be exposed to – we will recommend the correct material. 

Items fabricated using these materials include chemical storage or dipping tanks; chemical tank liners (to extend the life of an existing stainless tank); fume extraction systems and ducting; chemical resistant benches, sinks and splash backs; aquaculture tanks; custom-sized drinking water, black water and grey water tanks to suit RV’s,boats and trucks;  custom diesel fuel tanks for boats and much more.

On-site installation for certain items is available - tank liners; sinks and splash backs, fume extraction systems or ducting are usually installed on-site.

We also offer a repair service to existing rotomoulded tanks or injection moulded items - repairs are dependant on the tank or material used.  


Supplying to the Sign Trade and Shopfitting Industry - we can manufacture fabricated 3D acrylic letters/logos; acrylic hamper boxes; supply cut to size panels for sign faces or panels; 

3D letters/logos and sign boxes can be either illuminated or non-illuminated.


We offer a drape moulding and vacuum forming service.   Please contact us to discuss your project. 

Plastic Engineering and Resin Casting

Machining service available

Resin casting


We stock or can source products such as:

  • Suitable glues/solvents for our materials
  • Various display components like acrylic hinges; acrylic hasp & latch; cam locks; etc
  • Large range of roto-moulded tanks available (Distributor for RV Tanks Australia)
  • Polypropylene and Polyethylene pipe
  • BSP PE fittings 

Some of the industries we've supplied to include:

  • Agriculture
  • Aquaculture
  • Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
  • Architectural, Design and Construction
  • Art Galleries and Museums
  • Cabinet Makers
  • Childcare, Colleges, Schools and Universities
  • Defence Services 
  • Emergency Services
  • Engineering Companies 
  • Events, Exhibition or Display Companies 
  • Fencing and Balustrade 
  • Forensic and Laboratories
  • Framing and Trophies
  • Gaming
  • Hospitality- Cafes/Restaurants: Attractions; Accommodation; 
  • Hospital and Care Facilities
  • Industrial and Interior Designers
  • Lighting Industry
  • Medical and Veterinary
  • Manufacturing/Process lines
  • Marine, RV, Caravan and Horse floats
  • Mining
  • Movie, Television and Theatre
  • Powder-coating and Chrome plating
  • Pool supplies  
  • Retail shops and POS
  • Shop-fitting
  • Sign Trade
  • Transportation, Automotive and Fuel Industry
  • Water and Waste Treatment Facilities


Acrylic screen - 10mm clear acrylic panel supplied and installed by us

Acrylic Display case for guitar - Case is lockable and can be hung on wall.

Acrylic Screen to suit cash register

Acrylic display case and base  

to suit scale model of Cook's Endeavour 

Side photos -from top 

Boat console screen,  Pipe work at water treatment plant, PVC  shrouds;  ACM sample colours; repair to farm machine tank

Other photos from left to right 

Acrylic fabrication - Reception Screen supplied and installed;  display case for collectable guitar;   Protection screen for chemist counter;  display case for model Endeavour ship

Industrial plastic fabrication - Lockable luggage container fitted to trailer; Polypropylene liners to existing stainless steel tank in powder coating plant;  lockable storage container with side opening;  PVC cylinder; 


Custom made luggage container to suit trailer - made using PE Foam material 

Polypropylene tank liner installed on-site to existing steel dipping tank within powder-coating plant 

Custom luggage carrier to suit vehicle - Designed by us and made using recycled polyethylene product 

PVC tube packed ready to send via freight

Industrial Fabrication - PVC, Polyethylene, polypropylene 

Photos below: 

PVC sink;  Polypropylene chemical bunding installed in container; Poly planter tub; HDPE chilling tank with fittings for food processing plant. 

PVC Sink fabricated by us 

Polypropylene bunding installed in container -

Panels fabricated in our factory and onsite installation completed

Planter tub insert 

Fabricated in Poly to required sizes 

Poly tank with fittings

- custom made to meet clients requirements

- Use in food industry as a chilling tank 

Various sheet materials, rod and pipe

Sample colour chips for acrylic;  solid rod;  Poly pipe;  HDPE sheet

Acrylic colour chips

Available in 3mm only - sheet size 2440 x 1220mm 

Industrial Rod and Sheet 

Acetal/Delrin - black or natural rod only 

Polyethylene - black or natural rod and sheet 

Polypropylene - grey/green rod and sheet 

PVC - grey rod and grey, clear and white sheet 



Polyethylene pipe - available in various diameters and walls

Polyethylene sheet - available in black and natural 

Repairs completed on existing items 

Repair to Agricultural tank 03

We supplied and fit new pipework to tank

Repair to base of tank done 

Repair to roto-moulded water tank which had split

Fittings welded to new roto moulded poly tank - to replace existing tank and pipework in processing plant