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Industrial Materials

Polyethylene HDPE, PE100, UHMW, HDPE Playground, Boat Board, PE Foam, PE Twinwall Polyethylene can be used for cutting or bait boards; wear strips; chemical tanks and tank liners; drinking water or grey water tanks; water scrubber systems; etc.   We stock Simona brand PE but can access other brands as well. 

Polypropylene is used mostly for chemical tanks and tank liners; drinking water and grey water tanks; fume/air extraction systems and ducting; etc.   Simona brand polypropylene is held in stock. 

Rigid PVC  can be used for laboratory sinks, splash backs and bench tops; chemical tanks or storage vessels; fume cabinets and extraction systems.  We stock Palsun, Nanya and Palopaque brands of rigid PVC.

Various solid rod and tube/pipe available -  Polypropylene, polyethylene, PVC, Acetal/Delrin rod etc.   Contact us to discuss your needs. 


Polyethylene two tone sheet

Polypropylene - sheet and pipe 

Custom panels made using rigid PVC 

Custom luggage carrier to suit vehicle -  Designed by Roy and manufactured using recycled polyethylene sheet

Modification to existing Polyethylene pipework - onsite work 

- additional piece of PE pipe cut and extrusion welded in 


Conjoined tanks to suit charity shower van - one tank for clean water and other for grey water.

We electronically and aqua-test all our tanks before they are released. 

Poly tank fabricated to replicate old stainless steel tank for grey water in boat.

Tank liner in progress of being installed 

Luggage box to suit trailer prior to being mounted on trailer

Drip Trays fabricated in polypropylene 

Drawer insert for hairdressing salon - 6mm black HDPE 

Fish Finder cover 

Moulded PVC panel to suit client's framework

Fitted by Wide Bay Plastics to frame

Custom made polyethylene tank to suit RV

Poly tank with removable lid - to be used as expansion tank on commercial air conditioner

Luggage container - custom made to suit trailer 

HDPE Blackwater tank for boat - custom made to duplicate the old stainless steel tank