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Polycarbonate is also known as Lexan or Makrolon.   It has a higher impact rating than acrylic and is used where vandalism and breakages may happen.   Due to the softer compound, polycarbonate tends to scratch easier than acrylic.

It is available in different grades – UV stabilised, Abrasive Resistant (AR) and Ballistic (Hygard).

Standard sheet sizes are 2440 x 1220mm with some oversize sheets available.

Clear and grey tint polycarbonate is UV stabilised on both sides and can be used for glazing purposes, race car windows, horse float windows, caravan windows, boat windows and hatches, balustrade panels, machine guards, headlight protectors and more.

Clear UV2 polycarbonate sheet is available from 1mm through to 12mm thick.

Grey tint available from 3mm to 9.5mm thick.

Opal polycarbonate is UV stabilised on one side only and used for sign faces where it could easily be broken or vandalised.   Opal polycarbonate is available in 3mm, 4.5mm and 6mm thick.

AR2 Clear Polycarbonate has a silicone coating on both sides that adds higher abrasive and chemical resistance.  AR2 can be used for machine guards, drag car windows, flat architectural glazing – wherever scratch resistance is required. Available in 6mm, 9.5mm and 12.7mm thick.

Hygard/Ballistic Grade Polycarbonate is available in clear only can withstand a 9mm ballistic attack.  It is widely used within Detention Centres, Cash Transaction Windows in Banks, 24hour Convenience Stores, Petrol Stations and Government Offices. 

AR2 polycarbonate panels supplied and used for Race Car Windows 

Excavator Screens 

Cut and heat bend polycarbonate profiles to fit screen, side and back.

Panels installed by Wide Bay Plastics 

Replacement windscreen cut and fitted to buggy

Clear and Grey Tint Polycarbonate panels cut to shape of boat windows by Wide Bay Plastics. 

Windows installed by our client.