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Custom Tanks

Tank Liners

and Bunding

We pride ourselves on the standard and quality of the end product delivered to our clients

Wide Bay Plastics have the ability to custom build containers for the specific needs of a huge array of industries and can assist with design and material selections to achieve the desired end result. 

Our custom tanks, tank liners, storage vessels and bunding are fabricated in Polypropylene, Polyethylene or rigid PVC depending on the purpose and chemicals.  We also offer a repair service to existing tanks      (roto-moulded or fabricated) - dependant upon the tank.

Why use Plastic as an alternative to aluminium, mild steel, fibreglass and stainless steel?  Compared to the aforementioned materials, plastics offer better flexibility and have an excellent chemical resistance in corrosive environments where volatile acids, aggressive degreasing agents or solvents may be used.     

We are able to construct stand alone tanks and containers or install liners to existing stainless steel or metal tanks (to extend the life of the existing tank).    If treated correctly, our tanks or liners will be there for a minimum of 15 years.   There are some tanks that were built by our senior tradesman over 25 years ago that are still in use at a powder-coating plant.

We comply with the Australian Standard AU/NZ 4130 and have set procedures for constructing and welding to ensure that the completed product is structurally safe.  We follow certified procedures that have been devised from not just training but over 45 years of experience.   Our senior tradesman was one of the first fabricators in Australia to use an extrusion welding gun and commenced hot air welding in 1978 so our welding techniques have been created with hands-on experience and not just at a 4 day course.  

When designing tanks, vessels or containers our policy is to “overspec” to ensure there is minimal sidewall and material deflection - if any.   During fabrication and prior to leaving our workshop, all tanks are hydro and electronically spark tested.

Some previous projects have been: 

  • Grey water, black water and drinking water tanks to suit RV’s, buses, trucks etc
  • Acid dipping and chrome-plating tanks – stand alone
  • Liners to suit existing stainless steel or metal chemical tanks
  • Chute liners
  • Mixing and Settling tanks
  • Battery trays/containers
  • Acid Resistant poly pipe manifolds
  • Reclamation tanks
  • Water treatment plant tanks and covers
  • Aqua-culture tanks
  • Diesel fuel tanks (not petrol)

Custom poly tank to fit onto a small fire-fighting vehicle 

Grey water tank - shaped to fit into boat

Small custom poly tank to suit ute

Polypropylene tank liner installed on-site to existing steel dipping tank within powder-coating plant 

Side Photos - 

Poly black water tank for boat - to duplicate old stainless steel one

PVC tank with 4 compartments and removable lids 

Below - HDPE tank with removable lid 

Photos above -  Water tank to suit small firefighting vehicle; triangular shaped grey water tank for boat; small poly tank for ute; polypropylene liner installed to existing metal chemical tank in powder coating plant 

Photos below  - Polypropylene bunding installed in container,  HDPE chilling tank with fittings for processing plant,  Dipping tank with 2 removable lids,  Natural HDPE tanks for truck, Conjoined HDPE tanks for charity shower truck, polypropylene open tanks; PVC tank with support bands,  2 small water tanks to suit RV Bus conversion 


Polypropylene bunding installed in container -

Panels fabricated in our factory and onsite installation completed

Poly tank with fittings

- custom made to meet clients requirements

- Use in food industry as a chilling tank 

Chemical Dipping Tank with removable lids 

Natural PE100 tanks

2200mm long x 400mm deep x 1200mm high 

Custom made to suit truck

- rebates in tank body for strapping 

- fittings as required by client 

We electronically test all welds on our tanks.

All tanks are aqua-tested before being released. 

Conjoined tanks to suit charity shower van - one tank for clean water and other for grey water.

We electronically and aqua-test all our tanks before they are released. 

Polypropylene tank with pipework - being water tested

PVC tank being water tested

Custom poly tanks to suit RV Bus conversion

Internal baffles and Pipework are fitted as per client's requirements

Various fittings can be installed - BSP threaded female or male, stub flange with backing plate and gaskets, pipework, etc. 

Poly stub and support brackets welded to roto moulded poly tank 

Stubb flange fittings with backing plates and neoprene gasket


Female BSP fittings/sockets in tank 

Repairs or fittings/sockets added to roto-moulded tanks 

Supply and weld new fittings/socket to roto-moulded tanks 

We offer a repair service on existing roto-moulded tanks - dependant upon the tank.    

:  Remove old and fit new pipework to agricultural/chemical tanks

:  Repair cracks/splits in water tanks or fuel tanks


Fittings welded to new roto moulded poly tank - to replace existing tank and pipework in processing plant

Repair to Agricultural tank 04

Unsuccessful repairs attempted by another business

We supplied and fit new pipework to the tank

Repair to base completed

Repair to Agricultural tank - 02

Previous unsuccessful repair attempted by another business

We supplied and fitted new pipe work

Split to base of tank repaired 

Repair to existing roto-moulded tank which had split