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Miscellaneous Materials and Items

Acrylic Rod and Tube  - Clear UV stabilised acrylic tube and rod available in various diameters. Imperial sizes are 1830mm and metric sizes are in 2000mm lengths.

ABS - available in either smooth or leather-grain pattern (one side only).  Used mostly in thermo-forming and vacuum-forming. 

ACM -  available in 3mm and 4mm thick materials.   Aluminium Composite Material - used for cladding, sign panels etc.  Fire-retardant sheets available too. 

Corflute - 3mm and 5mm white or 2mm black packaging grade sheets.   Used for sign panels (ie: real estate signs etc), packaging, trucking industry, guinea pig/animal cage linings and much more. 

HIPS (Hi Impact Polystyrene) - is used mostly for thermo-forming or vacuum-forming items.  Can be used for signs 

PETG - Food grade quality material used mostly for thermo-forming or vacuum-forming items.

Polycarbonate Tube - Non-UV stabilised clear tube in various diameters - Usually 3m lengths 

Acetal/Delrin Rod - solid rod only.  Available in natural or black in various diameters.

Polypropylene Rod and Pipe -  Available in grey/green colour 

PE Pipe, BSP fittings and Stub Flanges etc- usually available in black only 

We are a Distributor of standard roto-moulded items from RV Tanks Australia’s range - samples in our office.   Link to their website or contact us for a brochure.   

Sight glasses to suit fuel industry

Variety of acrylic display components such as suitable glues, acrylic hinges; acrylic hasps; acrylic triangle reinforcing rod; suction cups; keyed alike cam locks; multi-mount standoffs and more

If you aren't sure - please ask.  

Clear acrylic tube 

Limited diameters available in frosted opal 

Industrial Rod and Sheet 

Acetal/Delrin - black or natural rod only 

Polyethylene - black or natural rod and sheet 

Polypropylene - grey/green rod and sheet 

PVC - grey rod and grey, clear and white sheet 



Polypropylene - sheet and pipe 

Polyethylene pipe - available in various diameters and walls

Side photo - Mirror acrylic - also mirror ACM sheet available 

Below -  Weldon 16 acrylic solvent,   Acrifix 192 acrylic solvent,  Weldon 3 acrylic solvent,  

Weldon 16 acrylic solvent

Acrifix 192 - Acrylic glue

Acrifix 192 acrylic glue/solvent

Weldon 3 acrylic solvent

Side photo -  PE pipes

Below -  PE fittings welded to tank,  Screw in tank hatch,  Stub flange fittings with backing plates,  custom replacement cap for existing yacht water tank

Female BSP fittings/sockets in tank 

Stubb flange fittings with backing plates and neoprene gasket


Custom screw in cap made to suit existing water tank in situ on yacht

Side photo - ACM colours 

Below -  ACM panels installed to RV 

Cut and install ACM panels to RV 

- Windows removed, ACM panels cut and installed to side of RV, windows re-fitted and sealed

Cut and fit ACM panels to RV 

Remove windows, cut ACM panels and fit to side of RV, re-fit windows and seal 

Below - Acrylic hasp,  Acrylic hinges,  Bumpons

Acrylic Hasp and Staple

Small Acrylic Hinges  - 48mm long 

Acrylic Piano Hinge  - 300mm long